Megan + Casey – Maternity

Megan and I met back in Elementary School. We went to St. Helen’s and were in the same class for several years. I always remembered her as the curly red haired freckled girl in my class! We became reconnected several years back on facebook, and to my delight, Megan reached out to me in the spring and asked me to take Maternity photos for her and her husband. Yay! It was so exciting yet strange seeing someone you haven’t seen since literally 4th grade. Like a time warp! But there she was…beautifully pregnant and still had that gorgeous curly red hair! Casey, her husband, was awesome, and so wonderful to work with. They make a fantastic couple!

The weather was cloudy, but it made for some excellent photos. I just love the crossings. SO many different locations for photos, with so much color and character.

Recently Megan and Casey welcome Baby Clementine into the world. Congratulations to you all! <3


Location: The Crossings of Colonie


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