My name is Jessica, and I am a self-taught photographer based out of Schenectady, NY, specializing in portrait and event photography.

Taking pictures has always been a love of mine since I was a kid. I remember borrowing my parents (pre-digital age) camera to bring on school field trips and outings with me as a child, and through the years, capturing as many moments as my film roll could handle.

Through the years, while collecting DSLR’s and practicing on anyone who would let me, I realized I developed a true passion for taking photos. I think the difference between an individual and a photographer is one main thing: the way you interpret a vision by capturing a piece of art that to someone else would just be an inanimate object.

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m living life the way it should be. Happily. I’m a marathon runner, a Boston Red Sox fanatic and a loving wife, just living each day hoping to make someone smile…and even let me capture it on film if I’m lucky.


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